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You have willing potential players who don't play because they don't know how. Gary says it best below.

Gary Inks, Owner/President High Performance Profits,

LinkedIn Casino Executive Network, February 16,2012

In research completed by my consulting firm, High Performance Profits, we discovered the number one reason for first time visitors to casinos who do not return is hard for casinos to accept: These people do not have a good time. They are very social people. They do not "understand" how to gamble...they know very little about the games and how to play. They are greatly intimidated by the other players and the "dealer" in live table games. They approach the slot machine and can not even determine how to start playing the machine. Some newer machines are somewhat complex and challenging to understand even when you win. GUESS WHAT?...there is seldom any staff to assist these people and educate these people on HOW TO PLAY! So as a result, they go to the entertainment show and enjoy themselves!
Our gaming product has changed BUT our casino service standards have remained the same. Our greatest gain in this industry is to get 50% of the 85% first time visitors to come back and HAVE A GOOD TIME "LEARNING HOW TO PLAY

Turn information into action!

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